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‘A dental implant is the nearest thing to an actual tooth’

‘A dental implant is the nearest thing to an actual tooth’

When Megan Hare bit down on some uncooked popcorn, she cracked a premolar in half. This made eating on that side of the mouth difficult. She did not want a crown so the tooth was removed leaving a very visible gap.

Megan says “It was extremely embarrassing at the time as I was working as a full time healthcare assistant in a busy pharmacy, which involved talking to customers all day. I knew I had to have something done and made an appointment with my dentist, Dr James Main, to discuss the various options.”

Dr Main did not think a bridge would be suitable. In response to Megan’s query on having an implant, James showed a short video which explained all she needed to know. She reflects, “Having watched the video I decided to go ahead with the treatment because of my trust in James being such a good dentist.”

Megan had the procedure, which she found to be very straight forward. “My mouth recovered very quickly from the surgery, and I experienced minimum discomfort. The implanted tooth looks and feels completely natural. I am so pleased to have my confidence back when speaking to friends and members of the public.”

In the following years, Megan has gone on to have two further implants to replace missing teeth. She continues, “I recommended Dr Main to a friend who was unsure about having implants. She had the confidence to go ahead and recently had her first implant placed.”