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Case Studies

My teeth now look very much as they did in my twenties

David Charles had undergone a lot of dental treatment since his twenties. As a result, many of his teeth had fillings. More recently, he had lost an upper right canine and premolar. “I was very unhappy with the state of my mouth. I didn’t like the amalgam fillings, which frequently...

I can show my teeth when I smile

When Stuart McDonough accidentally damaged an upper front tooth, he had no idea it would leave him with long-term problems. He developed an abscess as a result and eventually had to have root canal treatment. Stuart explains, “My dentist placed a dental post to stabilise the tooth. However, the post...

Dental implants have restored my self-confidence

Richard Bowditch owns and runs a livery yard with his wife. Over several decades he had lost many of his own teeth and wore dentures to replace them. Richard was not happy with his dentures. He explains, “Recently, they had become unreliable. I didn’t feel confident eating and had to...

‘I can smile without thinking about it!’

Roland Sully lost one of his front teeth as a result of a work-related accident. He was very unhappy with the denture he had to wear. “It didn’t feel quite right. It was loose and uncomfortable all the time. I also didn’t feel confident smiling with a loose denture”, he says.

‘No difference between implants and my own teeth’

Pauline Field is a very active retired lady in her 70s. Over the years, some of her teeth had deteriorated to the point where her regular dentist said that nothing more could be done. He advised her to have them all extracted and replaced with two dentures.