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Denture problems – what should you do about them?

Denture problems – what should you do about them?

Are you having denture problems?  Are your dentures ill-fitting or causing you discomfort?  When was the last time you could eat what you enjoy with confidence?  If you’re struggling with your dentures, the James Main Dental Partnership may be able to help you.

Strong and healthy teeth help us look and feel good – so it’s no surprise that losing teeth and facing a lifetime of full or partial dentures can seriously affect our happiness and self-confidence.

The best solution for missing teeth is dental implants.  Placed directly into the jawbone, they’re a permanent, secure option to replace missing teeth and can help avoid common denture problems.  James Main Dental Practice has a great deal of experience in dental implants and will advise you whether dental implants could be right for you.

However, dental implants aren’t always suitable for everyone.

So, if you are experiencing problems with your dentures, what should you do?  We outline the denture problems we see the most, and explain what you can do about them.

Unstable, loose dentures

Many people think having teeth taken out will be the end of their dental problems, but it’s not always that straightforward.  Bone shrinks once your teeth are removed, which means your jawline constantly changes.  That’s the main reason dentures become loose and unstable with time.  If your dentures drop whilst eating, if they move around and cause pain and irritation, you will probably feel very self-conscious as well as experiencing discomfort.  Make an appointment to visit us and get your dentures checked out.

Pain and soreness

Dentures which slip and move about on your gums can cause pain and soreness.  This can be a particular problem when you first start to wear your dentures.  Make sure you use a good denture adhesive to keep your dentures firmly in place.  Try rinsing your mouth with a mild salt solution whilst you get used to your dentures, but if the soreness continues, see your dentist straight away.  You may need to have your dentures adjusted, or get new ones.

Lack of confidence wearing dentures

If your dentures don’t fit well, you might worry that you can’t rely on them staying in place whilst you eat, smile or talk.  You may worry that the fixtures and clasps keeping partial dentures in place are visible, revealing the fact you’re wearing dentures to other people.  Lack of confidence when wearing dentures is a common denture problem.  Many of these problems can be overcome with adjustments to your dentures, or you may wish to consider dental implants.  The James Main Dental Practice can advise you if you have any concerns.

Dental implants can solve common denture problems

If you’re experiencing any of these common denture problems, it might be time to consider dental implants.  They’re permanent, strong and reliable tooth replacements which can replace individual teeth, or as a way of securing partial dentures.  They’re a more natural fit than dentures, and can last a lifetime with proper care.

For a full assessment of your denture problems and to discuss possible treatment options, please contact the James Main Dental Partnership on 01458 831 883 and request a consultation.