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Dental patient testimonials

Glastonbury dentist patient testimonials

Dental patient testimonials

What our patients say about us:

Glastonbury tooth implant case study Martine beforeI have always loved smiling at people and in my profession of course it is what you do, people are physically close to you. I am a Clairvoyant and a Reiki Healer. I work extensively on a one-to-one with clients therefore appearance is quite important. I’ve also been offered magazine and television work, but I’ll come to that later because that is very much to do with my new smile.

I felt after 40 years of being quite ashamed of my teeth that it was finally time to do something about it. I wouldn’t smile often, cover my mouth when speaking there would be social situations which I would perhaps avoid. It never really impacted on my work, but I was always conscious of it. I would say it didn’t affect my working life, but most certainly it did affect my social life.

On my 40th birthday, I decided I could invest money in having holidays that would come and go, clothes that I would probably bin in the end, shoes that I would probably never wear or I could be very, very sensible and invest the money and I mean invest it, on a lovely set of teeth. I made an investment in myself.

I moved to Glastonbury and the first dentist I saw and felt right about was The JMDP. I knew instantly. I walked in and thought it was exactly right.

I can honestly say, I enjoyed my dental treatment. It sounds quite perverse, but I actually enjoyed the process. I must assure people, there is no pain. Everything was explained, I felt that I was pro-active in the process. Every session was a delight because I knew I was getting nearer the goal and because James was explaining every part of the treatment. I knew exactly what was going on, how long it would take before I achieved my ultimate lovely smile.

Eighteen months later

Glastonbury tooth implant case study Martine afterI am smiling a lot more, I am more confident socially, I love my new teeth, I can’t believe the difference it has made to my overall appearance and confidence levels, even I had underestimated that impact. Professionally, I have finally made that trip to Arizona to do work that I had been putting off for years. They had been asking me to go for years, but being in the United States where everyone has perfect teeth, I thought I really couldn’t go. I booked my tickets and went and had a great success. Other things about our appearance we can hide. Our teeth we can’t disguise, we have to change them. I am also running a new psychic development course now that I might not have had the confidence to do previously and there may be some television work coming up that again, I would have refused to do.

I don’t think that any one can over estimate the effect that having a lovely new set of teeth that suit your skin tone, your face shape and your mouth shape can have on you. I think in social situations because you are more prepared to smile at people, it gives a different impression and let’s just say that my appointment book is full and not just professionally!

I was very conscious of one of my front teeth which due to previous gum disease was slowly falling out. When I smiled I was embarrassed about showing my teeth, it looked like a fang and I tended to put my hand to my mouth to hide it.

My dentist suggested an implant and recommended James Main who I made an appointment to visit. He recommended I have the tooth slowly extruded to encourage extra bone growth as the amount of bone I had was barely enough for an implant. After many months wearing a brace the tooth was out and there was enough bone to proceed with the implant.

I am now able to smile confidently – it is a great feeling.

James was very thorough and gentle and explained what he was doing throughout. Both he and his staff were very kind and considerate. I have no hesitation in recommending James. I cannot thank him enough.

What I wanted was a ‘new set of teeth’ that not only looked good but would cause minimal trouble in the future. James was happy to go at my pace, understanding and respecting I wanted to take my time over my treatment. While the appointments for my implants were quite long James and his staff looked after me really well informing me what was happening, checking I was ok and comfortable. I felt cared for and safe in their hands.

The implants and other dental work look great. The defining moment came when I saw the before and after photographs of my teeth – I hadn’t realised how bad they looked and now it gives me a lot of confidence to smile.

So thrilled with my lovely bright “gnashers” – Thank you James and team, and thank you for your care and support during the past difficult year.

Having heard some glowing reports from a colleague who had had her teeth whitened; last year I embarked on a course of whitening treatment with James Main.

At the age of 50, working in a job where I meet numerous members of the general public in a face to face situation, I felt that my smile needed a boost; years of tea, coffee and red wine had taken their toll.

Having your teeth whitened is not a difficult process. Moulds are taken and you either sleep in or walk around for a few hours a day with a gum shield type mould covering your teeth and filled with the whitening medium.

There is sometimes a mild fizzing sensation; and your teeth do become slightly more sensitive while you are undergoing the course of treatment.

The results, however, are pleasingly quick to achieve, and in my case I feel them to be spectacularly successful.

I have been delighted with the results and would have no hesitation at all in recommending the process to anybody considering having it done.

My teeth look so much brighter.

Just a little note from Canada to say Thank you for all the time you spent ‘improving my smile’. My teeth are as white as the snow here and Dylan says I can’t stop smiling at everyone!

I am writing this short article in the event of it being read by someone who is sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, toying with the idea of having a dental implant done but wishing they could chat to someone who has had one fitted. Well I have, just a couple of months ago, and am completely happy with the result; it looks and feels exactly like the rest of my teeth.

It has been several years since I lost a tooth in upper left region of my mouth. The loss left a gap, which was particularly prominent, when I smiled or laughed. The dental practice, which I had been attending since 1986, offered to arrange for me to have a plate made. Somehow I couldn’t really justify the idea of having a plate fitted just for one tooth.

Then not so long ago my dentist reached retirement age and the practice was taken over by Dr James Main. It was whilst waiting for my first check-up at the ‘new’ dental surgery, that I had time to scan a selection of recently published books on the new waiting room book shelf. I started reading one, which dealt with giving people back their confidence to smile again; it showed photographs of patient’s mouths before and after various services, which included dental implants. I couldn’t wait to ask James if he thought this technique would work for me! It was after carrying out various checks and looking at the x-ray of my mouth that James said he would carry out the implant work for me.

There was never any cause for anxiety during the surgery treatment. James explained the techniques employed for the implant, his familiarity with the procedure created a trust on my behalf. Considering the amount of work carried out by James and the dental nurses I have to say that my mouth incurred minimal discomfort; I was able to feel at ease and confident throughout the whole procedure, and appreciate the dedication of all the staff working at the practice.

If someone asked me if I would have another implant, the answer be in the affirmative if I really needed one, if the same dentist was able to do the work. However, I sincerely hope that the rest of my teeth will be with me for a considerable time yet!

My wife, Karin and I have been using The James Main Dental Partnership since he came to Glastonbury in 2002. He has performed major dental work on both of us, and we are very satisfied with the results. I have found him to be extremely professional, and clearly open to new dental techniques. This is important because I had all my teeth capped when I was twenty, so they need ongoing attention. He is always ready to make the room to see me should I be having problems, which undoubtedly occur more frequently than most.

I am also pleased that he is very conscious of my wife’s massive trepidation of visiting the dentist, he works with great care to dispel her concerns.

We are also both very pleased with his staff. They are fully professional, yet very personable and friendly.

I suspect that no one likes to go to the dentist, but James Main makes the experience as painless as possible. We would recommend him to anyone.

I would like to thank you and all those who helped me regain my smile!! It seems a long time ago that I agreed to have implants but at last we have arrived at our final destination and I have to say I am extremely pleased with the result. After having had dentures for over 30 years it has given me back my confidence to smile, and has been well worth all the frequent visits to your surgery – I hope you won’t miss me too much!!!

Having the implants has meant that at last I can eat anything (except toffees!) and everything tastes a whole lot better – what a wonderful thing modern technology is.

Thank you so much for giving me the new smile and my old confidence back (which had all but disappeared). I am thrilled with the final result and am so grateful to you for persevering.

During a Saturday in November 2007 a front bridge broke and I was unable to get through to my own Dentist. My wife phoned Denplan’s emergency phone number and she was given James’ phone number. Late that morning I received a call from James, who would see me and could I come straight away.

James came to the point immediately. Unless I did something quickly I would end up wearing dentures. He explained that my teeth had not been maintained to a good standard and the dental work that had been conducted in the past had also caused additional problems.

For me it was an educational process. James explained step by step what was required. He would start work on the right side of my mouth first as this was where I needed implants to address the broken bridge. Everything was explained to me, even how to look after my teeth.

The big day, the start of the surgery, was in February. Isn’t everyone apprehensive about going to the Dentist? Well, I certainly was, but I need not have worried. Although I was in the chair for over four hours, James was reassuring, gentle and took me slowly through each step.

Today I have almost completed the work on the right side of my mouth. The most tremendous experience was when James asked me to look in the mirror and smile after he had fitted the implants and crowns that were required. It was fantastic, no more putting my hand in front of my mouth; I could smile with confidence again.

I have now to embark on the left hand side of my mouth. It will mean sacrifice, but be assured there is no other dentist in the land that I would ever trust as I do James. His system is really simple. He does what he says he is going to do, and does it to an extremely high standard.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to all the team at the Partnership. They were always there to reassure, help and to give the highest level of patient care. I think they are all a credit to the James Main Dental Partnership.