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Dentures, dental implants or bridges: which is the healthiest?

Dentures, dental implants or bridges: which is the healthiest?

Dentures, dental implants or bridges? It’s a decision that most of us hope we never have to face. As we get older, however, tooth loss becomes less a possibility and more a probability.

Here at The James Main Dental Partnership, we offer a number of solutions to replace missing teeth. Dentures, dental implants and bridges are all available options, but deciding which is best for you and your dental health can be tricky.


Dentures are a set of removable false teeth, made of either acrylic or metal. They fit over your gums to cover gaps left by missing teeth. Whether you need all your upper/lower teeth replacing or just one or two, dentures are a good short-term solution. They typically last eight to ten years with proper care.

Over time, the quality of dentures has greatly improved, and they have become an excellent lower-cost option to replace missing teeth. Secured properly, dentures allow you to eat, drink and smile confidently. However, because they are a non-permanent option, dentures must be removed and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid infections developing in the mouth.

Dental implants: 

Dental implants are the most modern, long-lasting solution to missing teeth. To ensure that the dental implants are firmly held in place, they are fused to your jawbone during the procedure. Implants typically last 25+ years, and because they act like your natural teeth, they require no extra care aside from regular brushing and flossing.

Out of all the replacement options for missing teeth, dental implants also offer the greatest health benefits. They behave like natural teeth, which prevents the loss of bone mass around the missing tooth site. Due to the osseointegration (fusion) that takes place with your jawbone, dental implants may even stimulate new bone growth and therefore help preserve the shape of your jaw.


Dental bridges do exactly as the name implies: bridging the gap between missing teeth by joining an artificial tooth to your adjacent, natural teeth. Like dental implants, bridges can prevent sagging of the tissue around the mouth. They also allow you to eat most foods without worry.  Like all the missing teeth replacements we offer here at James Main Dental, bridges allow you to smile more confidently.

Bridges pose similar health risks to dentures, however. As such, they need to be kept clean in order to reduce the risk of damage and decay. Also, because the process of fitting dental bridges involves filing your natural teeth down to fit the artificial crown over the top, there is an increased risk of nerve damage occurring.


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