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Four-year dental treatment guarantee

Glastonbury dental treatment guarantee

The primary principle of this policy is that all recommended treatment carried out at the practice is guaranteed for a period of four years from the date of completion (unless specifically exempted), providing the patient attends for regular prescribed maintenance.

Treatments that are exempted from the guarantee:
The guarantee will not apply where caveats are placed upon the guarantee, either specifically by the dentist for that particular treatment, or overall due to the nature of the treatment supplied.

  1. Treatment that deviates from the recommended treatment offered
    Where a patient decides to not take up one of the recommended treatments by the dentist, then it is at the discretion of the dentist whether that treatment should be guaranteed and, if guaranteed, for how long. The dentist will note in the records that the patient has deviated from the recommended treatment offered and state what level of guarantee is to be applied for that particular treatment.
  2. Treatment where the outcome cannot be reasonably controlled by the dentist
    These treatments are those that are influenced by the patient’s overall health and lifestyle. These include periodontal treatments and any bone grafting treatments.¬†Implants placed in the bone will be guaranteed for one year. For clarification, it should be noted the cost of any restoration¬†(for example crowns, bridges and dentures) fitted on the implant, is covered by the four-year guarantee.


Invalidation of the guarantee
Should the patient fail to attend for the regular maintenance (routine examinations and hygienist treatment) as requested, to the extent that this lapse is three months or greater from the due date of the maintenance, then any guarantees given are voided. It is then at the discretion of the dentist whether to reinstate the guarantees, if the patient agrees to attend for regular maintenance in the future.

External trauma causing damage to any of the restorations placed under the guarantee will not be covered under the four-year guarantee policy.

Claims under the guarantee
If all the above criteria are met, and a restoration was to fail within four years, then the patient is entitled to have it repaired at no cost, providing it is the restoration itself that has failed, and not another part of the tooth.