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5 health benefits of dental implants

5 health benefits of dental implants

Here at James Main Dental, we recommend dental implants as the best option to replace missing teeth. Dental implants offer health benefits that other tooth replacement options simply can’t offer.

1. Jawbone regeneration

Dental implants differ from other tooth replacements, such as dentures and bridges, because they mimic your natural teeth. When implants are fitted, in order for the process (osseointegration) to be successful, the jawbone must grow around them. This means that the jawbone will be receiving constant stimulation and will regenerate itself accordingly.

2. No cavities

A major benefit to dental implants is that they look and act like natural teeth. An even better benefit to them, however, is that they can’t get cavities. As the implant is ultimately made from artificial material, there is no risk of decay occurring. Just as for a natural tooth, however, your dental implants still need to be brushed regularly.

3. Good eating habits

Apart from immediately post-surgery, dental implants allow you to eat whatever you would like. Raw vegetables, crunchy fruit, chewing gum, nuts and seeds will cause no problems whatsoever. This lack of restriction ensures that a healthy diet can be resumed as soon as your mouth has healed.

4. Healthy gums

If you are without a tooth, there is a much higher risk of plaque build-up in the gum area. This can make your gums inflamed and sore. In severe cases, gum disease can develop. When a dental implant is fitted, however, the gap made by the missing tooth is filled and this means that less bacteria is likely to build up. As such, your gums will remain much healthier.

5. Facial structure

If you permanently lose a tooth, you may experience a change in your facial structure. Change can include the shrinking and deterioration of your jaw, which can give your face an aged, sunken appearance. Dental implants prevent this by providing your whole jawbone area with support.

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