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What is the healthiest way to restore teeth function?

What is the healthiest way to restore teeth function?

If tooth decay, gum disease or simply old age has left you with missing teeth, it can have a detrimental effect on your quality of life. Luckily, here at SpaDental Glastonbury, we offer a number of ways to restore teeth back to their normal function. Dentures, bridges and dental implants are all viable options for tooth replacement – but which option is the healthiest?


Dentures replace either one or several missing teeth. Unlike bridges and dental implants, dentures are removable. Whilst this makes them a cheaper option than more permanent tooth replacement options, there are a number of disadvantages that this presents.

Dentures are not anchored into your jaw and do not support your facial structure in the same way other tooth replacement options would, namely dental implants. This means that over time your face will develop a sunken, aged appearance. Also, dentures are removable so it is vital that they are removed daily and cleaned properly. If you don’t, dentures are more likely to cause bad breath, gum disease and other types of oral infections.

Whilst restoring tooth functionality to an extent, the adhesive used to fix dentures can often wear down and as such they can slip out of place when talking or eating. Inevitably, this can cause of lot of embarrassment for the wearer.

Dental Bridges:

A dental bridge works by anchoring to the healthy teeth surrounding a gap, by way of a dental crown. Bridges are designed to span the space caused by one or several missing teeth, though they are much stronger and more stable if replacing only one tooth. For this reason, they are not the recommended option for those requiring a number of teeth replacing.

Aesthetically, dental bridges are a good option because they can be shaped and coloured to match the teeth that remain in your mouth. Yet, in order for a dental crown to fit over the healthy teeth, very often these teeth need shaving down. This is the major disadvantage to dental bridges because by modifying your healthy teeth to support the bridge, you are making these teeth weaker than before. As such, you will be at a higher risk of developing tooth damage and decay.

Dental Implants:

Dental implants are by far the best and healthiest option to restore your teeth back to full functionality. They are a permanent tooth replacement option, fixed to the jawbone via a screw with a crown/bridge fitted on top. Because of this, there is no worry that the dental implants will fall out.

Natural looking and comfortable fitting, they give patients the confidence to smile and eat as normal without worry. Dental implants also stimulate bone growth and this, over time, gives structure to your jawbone area, preventing the sunken appearance that can occur with dental bridges and dentures. Dental implants look and behave like normal teeth but are ultimately made from artificial material. Though they require the same level of care and attention as normal teeth, they cannot develop cavities.

To restore your teeth to full functionality in the healthiest possible way, the team here at SpaDental Glastonbury recommend dental implants to all our patients. For a full assessment, or to discuss any queries, please get in touch on 01458 831883.