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‘I can smile without thinking about it!’

‘I can smile without thinking about it!’

Roland Sully lost one of his front teeth as a result of a work-related accident. He was very unhappy with the denture he had to wear. “It didn’t feel quite right. It was loose and uncomfortable all the time. I also didn’t feel confident smiling with a loose denture”, he says.

After four years persevering with the denture, Roland told his regular dentist how he felt. Dr Melt Hanekom, Southwoods Dental Practice, Yeovil, Somerset, explained that dental implants might be a better solution for him. Melt referred Roland to Dr James Main in Glastonbury.

Dr Main placed one implant to replace the missing tooth. Roland definitely feels that it was worth it: “It improved my life massively compared with the denture. I feel much more confident when I go out now.”

Four years later, the tooth adjacent to the implant, which had been root-filled, was failing. Dr Main recommended Roland replace this tooth with another implant. Dr Hanekom fitted the crown for this second implant.

Roland concludes, “The new teeth feel just like normal teeth. They are really easy to care for; I don’t have to take anything out to clean every day. I just have to keep them clean, and visit the hygienist regularly. Best of all, I can smile without thinking about it!”