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‘It feels like I’ve got my teeth back’

‘It feels like I’ve got my teeth back’

Sue Kastner is Head of Retail Enterprises at a busy visitor attraction. Her job involves a lot of face-to-face contact with members of the public. She previously had a bridge to replace two failing back teeth. Sue wanted something that would make her mouth look better and was more permanent than a bridge.

Sue is a longstanding patient of Dr James Main. When she consulted him, he suggested replacing the bridge with dental implants. Sue’s treatment involved Dr Main placing two implants in the gap left by the bridge. After a few months to allow her mouth to heal, crowns were added to the implants to provide ‘permanent’ teeth.

Sue says, “The whole treatment process was very good. After I had the procedure to place the implants James rang me in the evening to make sure I was OK. The implants are easy to keep clean. They don’t need any special care.”

She continues, “I am more confident. Now my mouth looks nice and even. It feels like I’ve got my teeth back. I don’t think twice about the fact that I have implants. In fact, I completely forget that they are there!”