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My teeth now look very much as they did in my twenties

My teeth now look very much as they did in my twenties

David Charles had undergone a lot of dental treatment since his twenties. As a result, many of his teeth had fillings. More recently, he had lost an upper right canine and premolar.

“I was very unhappy with the state of my mouth. I didn’t like the amalgam fillings, which frequently came out. I had been given a denture to replace my missing teeth but it was so painful that I preferred not to wear it,” explains David.

He decided to do something about his teeth after seeing an advertisement in his local paper for dental implants at The James Main Partnership in Glastonbury, Somerset. At the initial consultation, Dr James Main recommended replacing the denture with two dental implants. He also advised David to consider having veneers, crowns and bridges to restore his natural teeth.

David is delighted with the result. “I have no regrets. I can’t believe how awful my mouth looked before and I wish I’d had the treatment sooner. I would wholeheartedly recommend having dental implants. The end result is beyond my expectations. It was money well spent.”

He continues, “I don’t have the inconvenience of loose fillings. I was becoming choosier about certain foods before the treatment, but now I can eat a much wider range of foods. In fact, thanks to James, my teeth now look very much as they did in my twenties!”