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‘People say “I wouldn’t know that you have dental implants”’

‘People say “I wouldn’t know that you have dental implants”’

Nic had severe gum disease that affected her front teeth. When she went to see her dentist, Dr James Main, he advised her to have four teeth removed. Dr Main informed her that she could replace her missing teeth with either a conventional bridge or an implant-supported bridge.

“I chose to have dental implants because I wanted my front ‘teeth’ to look as natural as possible,” explains Nic. There were several stages to Nic’s dental implant treatment. Gum disease had eroded the bone in her upper jaw. However, the lack of bone wasn’t an issue for Dr Main. James built up the bone in her upper jaw so that her dental implants would have a secure ‘foundation’.

Nic wore a temporary bridge for seven months whilst her mouth healed, so that she did not have a gap. Dr Main then placed two dental implants. Four months later James fitted the permanent bridge.

Nic says, “The dental implants looked and felt completely natural as soon as they were put in. It was the best investment I have ever made – they are totally worth it”. She continues, “I had never really been happy with my front teeth as they were slightly crooked. Now I don’t worry about smiling and showing my teeth. I feel more confident. People say to me, ‘I wouldn’t know that you have dental implants’.”